I am a conservation professional with non-profit and research experience in land conservation, rangeland management, sustainable agriculture, and GIS. I enjoy working with and learning from the people who protect and maintain the land, and strive to contribute to the conservation of our ecologically and culturally unique places.

Originally from New Jersey, I grew up exploring the forests and streams of the Sourland Mountains. With the West calling, I moved to California and completed a graduate program at San Diego State University focused on land use change and rangeland conservation in San Luis Obispo County. From blue oak woodlands to rocky shorelines and coastal peaks, I am captivated by California’s diverse landscapes and the people who maintain them. Beyond my professional pursuits, I am also a trail runner, hiker, climber, and a budding photographer.

This portfolio is currently under development. You can download a copy of my resume, view some of my recent work, and check out photos of some of my favorite places.